Pivot Import problem

I have three meshes that i need to be merged into one. Using 3D Studio Max i combine three meshes (poly → attach) into one and adjust the pivot into the object’s center. The pivot point on Max is adjusted correctly into the center of the object! When i import it to Unreal Engine the pivot point is placed away from the object… how does this happen? is there an export or import option do i need to select or deselect?
My export options are:
my import options (UE4) are:
the problem can be shown on this screenshot (the chair is places over the skybox!)…:

It’s quite simple - Unreal Engine treats the world origin point in Max as the pivot regardless where the pivot is actually in the mesh. Same goes for Maya as well.

So do i need to place the object on the grid on 3ds max?

Yep, basically you can align your pivot however you want and then just zero out location of mesh to get correct results

Omg it worked… i set the object on 0,0,0 coordinates on grid and all adjusted correctly! The problem began when i scaled the model (a ship) that contain the objects i need to handle (three parts of a chair) so i was moved away from the origin point. I exported selected and worked!I was driven mad about this one… thank you very much!