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Welcome to Vowed. Where you fight for every bullet. Every breath is a blessing. Every victory is another obstacle. Here, your mission is your life. But most importantly,
It’s time to show those “fastest-clicker-wins” games what we are made of. We aren’t another grab-off-the-shelf first person shooter game. We aren’t just another game seeking profit. We are a game designed by gamers, for gamers. In Vowed, experience week-long battles, where playing online is just as important as planning offline. In order to survive the present, you need to think into the future. Join your fellow squad mates in a battle not only for your cause, but for all the hard work you have put into it.
No more “carrying” your team. In order to be victorious, each member needs to play a role. No more useless squad members. They won’t escape with their life. You as a soldier need to learn in-game cooperation in strategy, tactics, and application.
Although most games fail to realize this, realism extends way beyond visual appearance. For instance, one of the aspects we have noticed at Pivot is health systems. In our health system in Vowed, health doesn’t regenerate. In order to regain some of the every-so-important red bar, you need medical supplies. You don’t just kill people, take their loot, and leave. You use what they leave behind as clues.

Okay, enough with the cheesy intro.

Hey, I’m Konvex, the co-owner of Pivot Entertainment. Currently, we are a non-profit, group of teenagers who have a common goals:
Creating our dream video games
Giving people what they want.
Living off of what we love.

With all these in mind, we hope to achieve them one by one.

Here is a short story-line:

Now to explain the game without all the corporate-brainwash stuff.

The game will be set on a specific land area, where two different sides (VT soldiers, EDF) will each fight for control of such. This will be held in the typical “capture-the-point” format, where each sides will need to hold the area for a set amount of time, or the other will need to forfeit. This won’t be 10 minutes matches. They will be multiple days, sometimes up to a week. How will we do that, you ask? Well, as stated above, being online is just as important as planning offline. You will need to build defensible structures, hidden campsites, and secluded work areas. You can even plan with your friends in real life! Even if you are offline, your work is still online, so plan wisely. You will need to master handling of weapons, as every shot you take can make or break you.

This was a very vague outline, so for more information, contact us on Discord.

4 Programmers
3 More Model Designers
1 More Graphic Designers (Materials, Textures)
1 More Level Designer
Endless community! Join the Discord to keep track of our progress!

Hi KonvexityProd,

I’m Techlord Self-proclaimed Blueprints Networked Application Guru. I prefer to work on royalty based FPS projects. I have questions. Is your royalty model even split among the Developers who see the product through to completion Or is it a measly 3%? Any in-app monetization?

Hello, TechLord! Thank you for your interest. As of your questions, here is what we can provide at the time:
Income will be distributed throughout among the Developers. For instance, if we use 60 percent of the income for Developer share, and we had 6 members, unless low work ethic is shown, it would be split evenly.
For the aspect of monetization, our plans are to get the basics of the game, and hopefully launch a Kickstarter to give our devs an extra push to release. For release, we are look to release the game on Steam for ~20-30 USD. There will be certain in-game currencies that can be bought with real money, although is it far from our goal to make the game pay-to-play.
Hopefully this answered your questions! For more information, you can use the information provided here: