pitching: Epic Game Modules!


the biggest problem for smaller and indie teams with Unreal is, that every functionality and game asset has to be built, thats why most fail.
Even if you buy packs from the marketplace, they wont fit together and you end up to have to build them in the team from scratch.
Also the marketplace packs are hardly documentated, and dont meet the quality and performance standard that game-content from Epic has.

The solution for this and to boost gamedev in general would be modules from epic that can be combined and work together.
These modules should be configurable (with parameters, easy replacing of preset content like 3d models…)and kept updated to the latest engine release.

Examples for such modules would be:

  • Load and save, menues for basic settings (graphic, sound, input…)
  • Inventory and pickup system
  • Dialog and quest system
  • Enemys configurable with AI parameters and navpoints for setting routes.
  • Day and nightcylces and effects for weather and seasons
  • Set of basic vehicle types, one per type would do (a tank, a helicopter, a plane, a boat, a off-road car, a race car, a truck)
  • Weapon-set (5 personal weapons from pistol to sniper, stationary weapons or mountables like a turret, mortar, catapult …)
  • landscapes and landscape materials: e.g. 20 landscape heightmaps for different climates and world-sizes, some different landscape materials with preset textures for e.g. desert, snow, plains. Paintable so manually editable.

I know some of these features are available in the game templates, sample games like Tom Loomans Survival Game Sample or from the community. But they are no soution like the suggested Epic modules, as you can’t simply use these, combine them and have a good-performing solution in general.

Therefore it makes absolute sense, that these basic gameplay functionalities are done **ONCE for all and GOOD **as only Epic can do it.

So please Epic: think of starting sucha a feature for the engine, I am sure you have lots of these functionalities already and could easy make them in configurable and compatible modules with some documentation. Otherwise each dev teams has to go on re-inventing them and end up getting a bad result if at all.

Oh yeah, I’d love them building my game for me too; and free of charge.
Once they do that I want them to assembly scenes and levels for me as well 'cause I’m too lazy to drag stuff from assets folder into the map…

@Bruno: You obviously did not understand my point, because I suggested to lay the basics, so smaller teams are able at all to build an own game on top of this modules.
These modules wont make you a finished game, but they are common basic features each team has do re-invent over and over again. That is just unnecessary work.

Also you can keep youre sarcasm-only posting for yourself, and it would be good manners of you to delete it.

as one dude on the forum said

Touche hahaha :wink:

I think this would be a fairly useful functionality to cut down on reinventing the wheel.

  • Agree, it would be nice to fire-up a new project and have at least a basic starter pack for prototyping in multiple game types. UE4 does feel like an overly bare bones engine sometimes because you can’t just drag & drop core actors like you could in UDK. That said, the built-in vehicles / weapons / characters in UDK couldn’t be used in commercial games anyway and so had to be reworked eventually. But for prototyping it was pure joy!

  • It seems like Epic chose to copy Unity’s workflow, which also has few ready-to-go assets. But once you download asset store packs and copy over the content on a folder basis, it tends to become a plug & play affair, which you can’t say about UE4 right now. Of course, that has a lot to do with the fact that the engine is still morphing / evolving wildly.

  • However, I fear if somebody was to design game modules now, they might not work in six months time. Also, the problem with modules and higher level abstraction, is that it may take away from the very flexibility that’s needed later on to customize things, thus defeating the goal in a way.

  • Maybe what we need is just more core free community resources to help speed rapid game development. Perhaps that will happen in time, as it did with UDK…

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I very much doubt that Epic would provide the systems you have listed.

Most, if not all, of them are available, at least in some form, on the Market Place and I believe that to be the primary purpose of making the engine free.

Why not form a group and make those modules yourselves? EPIC has only time to work on their own games.

It’s unlikely that we’ll address these items any time soon. Most of the things you’ve listed can be the very flavor of a game, and it’s unlikely we’d be able to put in significant time crafting for example, a quest system that satisfied enough cases as to be usable by most folks in need of a quest system that could just be dropped in and used.