PitchBlock Games_Violent Souls

Hey everyone my name is Julian Allen and I am the founder of PitchBlock Games. I am a concept artist by profession and I have over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry. We are currently working on our first game entitled Violent Souls. Violent Souls is a fighting game that we think brings a breath of fresh air to the fighting game genre space. We are currently looking for the right programmer to assist us with making Violent Souls one of the best fighting games out there. We would prefer someone who is experienced and a true fan of the genre. We are definitely fighting game geeks and would like to keep that same spirit as we make our contribution to an industry and genre that we love. We are currently in the process of raising capital to meet the quality that has been envisioned for Violent Souls.

As of right now, the pay would be on the back end or something we can negotiate. We are not only making a fighting game but we have created a package that can be included in the terms of agreement. This means we have and are willing to negotiate packages that include merchandise, royalties and actual pay. For those of you interested, we can discuss the details and specifics upon the signing and return of the NDA form that we will email to you. We are a team of artist who not only challenge ourselves with producing quality work, but adding that same quality to our personal lives as well. Integrity is one the building blocks of PitchBlock Games. We are willing to negotiate with the right person as long as all things are fair, equitable and profitable for all parties involved. I am including a link below to the Violent Souls landing page that showcases a sample video of the quality that we are shooting for. Please feel free to go through the entire Violent Souls menus and the PitchBlock Games website. We have info on the world of Violent Souls as well artwork. I am also including a link to my professional site that showcases some of my concept art as well. We can also negotiate bartering services for those of you that may need concept work. I want to thank everyone in advance that takes the time to read this thread.

Jullian Allen