Pitch Night!

Hey folks!

A couple weeks ago I was sitting in my not quite so comfy computer chair, as I often do, and it occurred to me that we had a chat channel. I popped my head in and found people were interested in what Ken and I were going to be working on next – so I pitched the next title and enjoyed doing so more than I expected. In my screenwriting classes we were asked forced (not quite at gunpoint) to stand up in front of 20 of our classmates and pitch our ideas, only to have them torn apart and taped back together with better conflict, story and clearer direction – and there is no reason why games should be treated any different.

Which brings me to the greatest idea this side of sliced bread – Pitch Night.

Although we are a world of time zones and the orchestration will be complicated, I think it is well worth the effort to at least research the interest in it. I will gladly handle scheduling and be willing to help out with visuals if necessary, but here are the details so far:

  1. The pitcher will be given the floor for about 5 minutes to pitch their game idea, highlighting the gameplay, story and giving the audience the opportunity to hear them out.
  2. 5 minutes are then given to the audience to ask questions and get clarification.
  3. 10 minutes are given to the audience at this point to provide feedback and criticism.

You may not think that 20 minutes is long enough to fully vet an idea, and you would be correct. There should be no reason to believe that these three steps will guarantee you a golden game that will make you billions (considering none of us actually have billions to give) but it will at least get your idea out there and get the community talking about it.

The above is possible to be done via a google hangout or Skype call and there is nothing too formal about it at the moment. There are always other options though. If you are not interested in being on such live-public display you can submit your idea via a forum post (We will need a new sub-forum created – Pitches & Ideas) where you can post your ideas and or a video where you pitch your idea.

Alright guys & gals, get back to work and let the community know about your interest. =)

***Oh, the times above are approximate, as some games are simpler than others, and discussion may be on going. ***

Hope you are all well!