Pistol's Tri Count?

hi guys/girls,

I was just wondering what you all think would be a good tri count for first person pistols?

the main reason I am asking is I just finished modelling this one


and the total tri count is 14,426 but I think it might be a little bit much, obviously the mag/bullet/silencer…ect would be separated out into there own objects witch drops the tri count of the main body and light (I want to keep them as one object for rigging/animating purposes) to 10,673 tri’s.

Also if anyone has any advice or suggestions on how to handle the mag for in game it would be appreciated, I was thinking of separating the mag bullet and the little thing that pushes the bullets up into there own meshes and then use sockets to attach 2 bullets for when the mag is full and then switch the bottom bullet for the other thing for when there is one bullet left and then destroy the final bullet for when the mag is empty but I was also thinking of maybe animating the bullets for when you shoot and having an idle anim where there player pulls the slide back and looks in the chamber so I am not sure if that would work.

If your thinking why did I put this in off-topic its because I would also like some feedback on the model;), to give you a better view of the model here’s a couple of pics showing a bit more:)



I should say it has no UV yet, I just added a couple of mats to give me a better idea of what it would look like textured and I will be using normal maps to add the serial number and some definition to the grip.

any feedback would be welcome, thanks:)

You can definitely get it a lot lower by making a low-poly mesh with normal maps, and still have high quality.

You could also normal map the jagged areas you have on the trigger guard and the hammer, I’d say that would save up quite a bit of tris. You could probably take some edges off the roundness of the barrel and silencer without noticing much of a difference.

Do you have any wireframes of it?

how low do you think I could go while still keeping good quality?

that would drop the tri count by around 150.

I am thinking about that, right now they are both basically 32 sided cylinders (mostly because I hate when you can see how many faces a round object is made of while playing) and as it would be close to the screen it will be really apparent.

I tried to get a good wireframe shot but because I triangulate as I finish each piece it was too dense to really see what’s going on with a static pic, I suppose I could do short vid.

I do not remember where but i recently did read that new hardware and engines kind of do not care about bit higher or lower polycount anymore.

Now i remember that was some tutorial/video about it and posted somewhere in unreal forums.

So unless you want throw 100k polys on just gun there is not much difference nowadays. Making multiple lods and detailed normalmaps can be more taxing on new engines than just adding bit more polygons.

If i find that vid i will post link here.

Bit unrelated, but i found out that for android it is better to make flat vector shape with transparent material (using solid color), than to make texture (with that shape) and put it on transparent square plane.


Download the CS:GO Workbench materials(which contains weapon models) it should give you a good idea of what to shoot for in terms of triangle count.

yeah I think your right, I was playing BF4 today and there was around 20 people close to me and there assault rifles are probably around 15-25K tris so a single player game with a pistol around 15K tris should be fine, I could probably double it if I wanted to without a real (if any) noticeable drop in performance;).

thanks for the link, it was very helpful:), I had a look at the pistols and most were around 10K tris, since I am aiming for slightly better graphics then CS:GO and that game is multiplayer as well as 3 years old-ish I think my pistol is about right.