Pirates 3D - Trailer


I wanted to share with You our newest trailer of our upcoming short (12 minutes) movie for 3D cinemas. It is a ride through jungle, ancient ruins and other cool placese :wink: Everything is made in Unreal Engine 4. Models/animations are made in Maya,Photshop,Zbrush and some other :slight_smile: The movie is in oldschoold 3D technique.


and for those who didn`t see our DinoSafari teaser. It is a Oculus Rift ride (8 minutes long)


Lucas Smaga

Wow incredible and intense, reminds me of some of the interactive rides from Disney World!

Only small critique I have is at the end with the pirate and monster facing off, the pirate sort of looks like he’s looking down at his shoes instead of at the creature.

love the Dino safari teaser as well

Awesome trailer! :smiley:

Pretty cool!

The pirate wanted to tie the monsters shoes before they engaged. It would only be fair. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hehe, yeah it looks like this :slight_smile: It`s because the other (healthy) eye is looking at him with that angry look :stuck_out_tongue: but maybe it looks funny. Well, after we finish the move maybe I will fix the head rotation. But anyway, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

It’s extremely minor in my opinion, the pirate is unsheathing his sword, also stylistically it reminds me of the way samurais are portrayed in duels for movies.

Are you going to add voice acting in the near future? There are a lot of voice actors willing to work on little to no budget for credits, you can offer for unpaid positions at starnow , newgrounds , and also googling voice actor message boards.

Can I pre-order my ticket for the Dino Safari. :smiley:


I am glad that You like it :slight_smile: Well, the Dino Safari was made for a client because he will start a VR Cinema and he need some movies for it. :slight_smile: We will make a real trailer with IN-GAME footage after we finish the Pirates3D movie (somewhere in the next month). Maybe even we will be able to demonstrate the full lenght Pirates3D movie (13 minutes). :slight_smile:

Really well done trailer!!

Would love to see behind the scenes too!!

Really cool trailers !!!

It is a hell of a ride :smiley: