Pirates: 18th Century multiplayer game

Talent Required:
Currently looking for a programmer. The project is in Unreal 4 Engine.
Can be coded in C++ and/or blueprints.
Only need enough coded for a very early alpha for crowd-funding and Greenlight.

This project will be relying on crowd-funding to fund its development.
We can do a contract and log/invoice your work. This is a paid position, but I need free/discounted code prior to crowd-funding.


About the project:

Project Title:

Pirates is a multiplayer combat-sim themed in the 18th century Caribbean.
You are placed in the role of a pirate and will find yourself battling other pacts,competing for precious booty,
and working together to pillage and plunder ports and villages. Your arsenal options consist of melee, ranged, and explosives.


  • Multiplayer combat FPS/TPS
  • Dedicated server support. Up to 64 players supported.
  • 2 teams (pirate factions).
  • Colour coded with separate themes (flags and symbols)
  • Customisable pirate player.
    There are no static classes. You may create your own;
    Decide the balance of abilities and the look of your pirate.
    13 full presets (5 starting; 7 unlockables)
  • Melee combat (4 directional parry system)
    Swords, axes, and more; unlockable weapons.
    Ranged combat and Explosives
    Matchlock, Flintlock, Percussion, Crossbow, Bow
    Grenade launcher, Grenades, and more.
  • 3 Tier market w/ weapon mods.
    Upgrade to a higher tier musket, add a bayonet or an axe to it.
    Mod a pistol into the hilt of your cutlass.
  • Unlockables & achievements
  • 9 gamemodes to accompany the combat system
    (Sea battles, Tomb raiding, Pillaging, Booty hunt, etc)
    Objective, versus and cooperative.
    Sea battle campaign features RTS + FPS/TPS mixed. A player on each team commands the ship, while the others man the cannons or snipe. Sink the enemy ship or board and fight./*]
  • Large variety of maps with unique objectives
  • Steam Integration
  • Voice/Taunt system, variety to choose from.
    Each full preset has its own voice library; 7 are unlockables.
  • Humour and comedic gore
  • Custom Map and Mod Support
  • Multiple OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Full use of DX11 & Maxwell architecture features and optimisations.

Design Document:

IndieDB Page


awesome project u have there looks good i really mis a good pirate game.

Thank you =)

Will save this thread until I will be sure my cpp skills good enough to join you

Thanks for the interest, but I am only in need of a programmer.

Bump, still looking

looks awesome and very interesting.

Still studying to implement correctly network (Lan/Steam) system games, and when I feel good enough I may look to join you.

good luck!

Do you have test task to do?