Pirate sheep

this was too good not to share: found on 9gag. Sorry if it doesn’t belong here, but can we have an off-topic subforum?
The lead artist requested a pirate ship. The lead artist had an accent.

…and the artist got fired?

I wouldn’t, that’s one good pirate sheep there.

Well then, this is one thing I didn’t think I would see today, though that Pirate Sheep is pretty awesome. That should be an unlockable character or Easter Egg in your project.

Agreed: this would make a great pet or premium item. Disclaimer: not my project, found on 9gag

…or it could be the final boss lol

btw next time put a notice, there’s kiwis in here

A notice for what?

In hope this pirate sheep never have to land near

At least it was done well.