"Pirate" nodes?

Local >Variable_Type< , Assign etc etc etc nodes that you can only add in macros… While you cant add these nodes anywhere but in macros, you can copy them from a macro, and then paste them in functions or in Graphs etc.

• Why can’t we add these nodes anywhere but macros? – They can be found incredibly useful, since its awful having to be creating new variables named “xyz_TEMP” … Do you see a reason not to be allowed to add them? EDIT:(i guess a reason is that we can simply create new variables… but thats horrible, considering that this way you have to create a new variable for every single “calculation” you want to make. Which is an issue for people advanced to some “level”)

• Why can we copy / paste them outside macros, even though you don’t allow us to directly add them there? EDIT:(bug, unless they didn’t want to risk adding them in one update officially and then removing them in the next, as that would slow down people’s projects and just cause problems.)

EDIT: But i need to know whether they are going to remove this ability to copy-paste these nodes in a future update, since that would “ruin” some of my projects. (it would be a huge problem to anyone who used these nodes via “piracy”)

Functions do have local variables. They are listed below the regular “member” variables and work like the normal variables with Set and Get nodes. Also remember that you have “Math Expression” macro nodes for complex calculations.Finally there is C++ functions that can be called in Blueprints.

I’m pretty surprised you can copy local variables outside of functions. I wouldn’t expect this to keep working to be honest… :frowning: It seems a little bit bad practice if you ask me to be honest, maybe those vars you’re using can be created outside the functions? Probably annoying to fix at this point but probably wise to not keep doing this.

I’ll just add that function input parameters are automatically converted into local variables, so there’s no need for the above as of 4.16 (I think)