Pirate Assets?

What is happening with the Pirate Assets? Was hoping to get my Jack Sparrow on. . . “That is Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please.”

I almost wrote an angry rant about how stupid you must be to ask how to pirate assets on the Marketplace. Then I realized you actually meant you wanted pirate assets.

The submission process takes a few days, I would imagine they’ll be accepted in a week or so.

My torrenting days are far far behind me. Promise.
Can’t believe I didn’t catch the way that sounds. “Pirate Assets”
Guess I can’t be Jack Sparrow if I’m not clever enough.
Oh well. Can drink me some rum though.

Hahahahaha. LITERAL pirate assets! I dressed up as Jack Sparrow last Halloween so I approve this thread.

Haha, I was pretty confused as well.

everyone was. Got me too :stuck_out_tongue: