[Piracy] DMCA Take-down example

Some people might give me slack for this, but since one of the persons whom I provided this Take-down notice example suggested to post it on the forums… here goes.
This is a fairly simple, yet effective DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) take-down notice you marketplace peeps can send to websites that have stored your content without your consent. (basically a pirate uploaded it there)
I am sure others might be able to write a better one, but so far this one hasn’t failed me.

I’m not posting this to cause a debate if piracy should be stopped, or that it can/might actually result in more sales on the long run.
If you feel uncomfortable with your content being online/shared without your permission, I highly suggest sending a DMCA take-down notice to the website that has your content stored.
(Most of the time no use sending one to the website that just links your content, but you can ask google to remove any links to it)
To learn more on how to ask google those links to be removed, read:

My personal experience is that websites will comply with the take-down request, and often do so within 1-2 workdays.
Sure, your file might still be out there but I find that one sleeps a lot better knowing it has been taken down from easy-to-find places.

Please note, occasionally a website asks for additional proof like scanned documentation of passport, ID, that sort of stuff.
My suggestion in those cases is to mask off a few numbers/letters/dates and mention that you are doing this for privacy and that they can get an unaltered version on request.

Example! (bold parts are optional)

Hello people from [Website that hosts the files]

My name is [Name, last name] and known in the game development community as [User name/nickname]
to my shock I found out that one of my digital packages I am selling on the [Digital marketplace of choice] marketplace can be downloaded for free on your website.
The link to this package is: [direct URL-Link to the file]

General Information you need according to the DMCA:

The report date is: [Current Date]
Name, First name: [Last name, name]
Occupation: [your job, the gamedev related one is suggested]
Residence: [Address + number, zip code, city, county/province/country]
Nationality: [Your nationality]
Date & place of birth: [Date, Place of birth]
Phone no. [Phones Country code, Phone number]

Description of facts/precise location:

  1. This content can only be sold on the [Digital marketplace of choice] marketplace.
  2. Reselling is against the Unreal Engine/Epic Games EULA. ( ) (in case of i.e. unity, add that one/add that one as well)
  3. I have not given anybody permission to resell it or upload it to your or any other upload/download website.
  4. The user who uploaded this infringes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) as well as the Electronic Commerce Directive (ECD) and the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty (WIPO Copyright Treaty).
  5. I am the creator of this content.
  6. The file in question can be found here: [direct URL to your file]
  7. The original file can be found here: [Unreal/Unity/other marketplace URL]
    8. Other illegal content on your website can be found here: [Link to website that linked to this website]

Reason why the content should be removed:

  1. See facts 1-7 (And additionally Fact 8 if you really want to clean up any illegal content on your website)
  2. Evidence can be found by following the link mentioned in “Fact 7”.
  3. [Website you send take-down notice to] can contact me by phone, letter or this email address to confirm my identity, as well as prove this content belongs to me.
  4. Reselling or Sub-licensing is not allowed as stated by the [Unreal Engine EULA:] (Add other websites where your content is hosted if needed)
    5. Additional Proof me to confirm my identity will be attached as a file, containing a photo of my passport. I expect usage of it will be professional and not be abused.


I hope I gave enough information to make sure this file will be taken down, if there are any questions feel free to contact me.

[Your name here]

Very useful, thanks for sharing

Thanks for posting, I bookmarked this!

Very kind of you to put a template out for the community, thanks!

There’s a website that sells membership for letting people access the pirated content packs. I contacted and they said they removed my content but actually since I don’t have a paid membership I can’t see if the content really is removed or not. Seriously… Pirating our hard work and then uploading on a website and having a paid membership for people to download our packs? and still operate for months? like seriously?

it would seem that in order to pirate something from the marketplace, one would have to buy it to start with. That being said, shouldn’t it be possible to cross link buyer lists for stuff that is found out there pirated and potentially narrow down WHO is buying stuff and then putting it out there for for everyone else to steal? Just curious.

no, ue4 don’t have any drm.

In that case, shouldn’t you just contact the piracy team and have them take care of it?

I have bro, I have. :frowning:

Anti-piracy team has been contacted on this issue many times.
First time it website A, which basically has been selling our content and after takedown it has rebranded to website B and as far as I understand it is doing the same thing, but legally he is kinda ok now because he is selling premium access to his website and not the content itself. This guy added to the description of assets “It is forbidden to use for commercial purposes.”, “Link to the Marketplace to buy it” and “We do not sell content UE4 for money, for the money you can buy it in the Official Marketplace” to negate legal accusations. So he is giving his custom licenses to our content :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Jon said he don’t want to post their DMCA takedown example in public because it may help pirates to negate this measures too, but I think this one is ok

Im wonder, how is that even matter, “he dosnt sell but give access”? he selling the service of access to his site, primary content of the site is my job, which is protected by law and he dosnt have any rights to publish or distribute it.
Also ive opened letter which i send to epic with link to the site and site is still up and even updates.

I wouldn’t want to make Epic’s DMCA take-down notice public either, but I have been asked a few times to give people an example.
Hence showing this one.

Well you can’t stop pirates, so there is that. Ofc Epic doesn’t have the power to shut down websites. All they can do is file a DMCA notice and hope that the owner or hosting provider to something. But if the site is hosted somewhere in russia or china or etc then good luck with that. The more the marketplace grows, the more websites selling stolen assets will appear. Just look at unity. There are soo many chinese websites selling access to pirated unity content that it’s quite staggering. But there is nothing we can really do about it. Once your assets are available on the internet on a pirate site, they will continue to appear over and over and over again no matter how many dmca’s and websites you try and shut down.