PipeWork Test Asset

I wanted a custom asset to test some shaders i’m creating on so i made a piece of rusty pipe. Meshed it in SoftImage and detailed it in ZBrush using only the noise plugin.

In the screens i’m testing a semi-wet rusty metal shader and I don’t plan on doing anything else with the model it but i figured i would share anyway.

There was a problem with the UVs for the bolts that i didnt bother fixing so they don’t have a material on them…


Whats up the circles on the pipes? Are you going for a look where the metal has kind of pealed off exposing the layers underneath? If so your edges are to uniform. Try and break them up a little as it looks like your pipe has spots on it. But the base metal texture is looking pretty good.

I made it that way on purpose because i wanted to get a few different metal surfaces on one object for instancing the material. I wasn’t trying to make a realistic looking pipe i just made the pipe as a way to easily iterate my material.