Pipelines Set

**[UPDATE 9.10.2017]

Marketplace link: PipeSet in Props - UE Marketplace
Artstation preview:

[UPDATE 6.09.2017]

I am worked piplines asset, large and small pipe, set of materials, clean, rust and paint, completely rusted.

can u make a dark metal fantasy variance? Steampunkish

Can you show some examples?, Bronze? Copper?

They are just very dark and dont have much color.

The rusted one in a dark but very glossy way, almost like it would be Wet and laggy! That would be nice :3

Anyway: What about the prizing?

Material plan customizable.
The choice of color, dirt, gloss.
I think you will be able to choose the desired option.

Planned price of $ 25

Those look awesome. Are they modeled or scanned? The welds on the one with the angle iron and rebar are very realistic!

Good price and good job … maybe you should think about hooking up with a dev and making it procedural. 8-}

Really good job.

Hi, SashaRX

How are the polygon amount, average, rendered in these pictures, HighPoly?

I also like the idea of procedural tubes with procedural valves

That this more like gothic than steampunk.

For Steampunkish style see how are: copper, iron, bronze, ivory, mahogany, colored stained glass, ostrich, peacocks and goose feathers and brown leather, of course

I am also astonished by realism in the welds!

It’s 3D photogrammetry?


Finally finished! Forgive me for that so long could not finish. Waiting for appearance in the marketplace.

this low-poly.

I did without Blueprints, using Socket Snapping.