Pipeline/Workflow for a game

Hello everyone!

Currently I am working in a team and attempting to put blueprints, models, level design etc together (integration). I am still new to Unreal Engine and I am not entirely sure how I should approach the whole workflow and perhaps piplene for the game.
While I did research on game pipelines, I only managed to find very general explanation without any technical aspects, especially when it came to Unreal Engine.

I would highly appreciate if I could recieve some advice on this or maybe given some resources.

A little more clarification might help me form a better answer but for now I can start with the basics.

When working with Unreal, here is the pipelne I follow.

  1. Create low and high poly meshes in 3d software. Set all smoothing and triangulation on export of fbx.
  2. Bake and Texture meshes in Substance Painter
  3. Set up folders in Unreal for import of all assets.
  4. Begin to import assets. Upon import of each I always open them and set the scale and textures to the mesh, as well as opening each “metallic,roughness,AO” texture map and setting the sRGB to off.
  5. Create materials for each Mesh and begin setting up those Materials with the appropriate textures.
    6.Then I do an asset inspection. Making sure that all the imported assets and textures look the way I want them to.
  6. I then set up LOD on whatever meshes need that by using Unreal Engines Auto LOD feature. Typically all of them end up using some LOD. Usually I do 3 levels of detail beyond the original at the most.

If all checks out then I consider those assets complete and move on.

If not then I go back to fix what needs adjustments.

When that’s all finished and my assets all look acceptable, I then start creating blueprints as need be for each mesh or just attach those meshes to pre existing BP’s depending on my needs.

After all this is said and done you are ready to begin dropping items into the world and using the editor to create your level.

When items are placed into the world you will have the ability to change more settings. In particular the shadow and mobility settings. These will be 2 items you want to pay attention to when you’re setting up meshes in the world because it can easily be overlooked when handling a large set of assets and creating a big level.

As far as blueprint goes… when you want to add a mesh to a blueprint you can simply click add component and add a cube to the BP and then just change that cube static mesh to whatever mesh you want to use. Simple.
Then of course you can continue on and add collision volumes for triggering as well as other components.

If there is something I didn’t answer then please get back to me with a more direct question pertaining that specific topic.

If you want to see a project I’m working on you can check out my youtube channel here. I have two different projects for reference. One of them is using BP actors as pickups with meshes attached to them and the other is simply the BP with the cube mesh still attached for testing functionality before I attach any meshes.

At 7. Simplygon my friend. It’s now free and amazing.