Pipeless Water

I know this may sound ridiculous, and may be a valid reason for the options to possibly not exist but would it be possible to use the power outlet as a template for creating an object that supplies water in the same way? I see the options for Powered Nearby Structure Template and Range and I also see how the Water structures work and on initial inspection it would appear that the necessary options to make this happen may just not be available. However, I am very new to this and it is possible I am entirely missing something.

I am developing a mod for pipes and cables and would like this piece to go along with it. The idea is that you would attach a water pump to your water network that would also be near your structure and then you make the leap of imagination that that structure now has pipes inside the walls so that you could place say a shower head or a sink faucet or maybe greenhouse sprinkler heads inside the structure, attached to the walls and within range of the pump and they would have water.

If anyone has any information on whether this is or is not possible, please let me know.

Thank you.