Pins or tape and formatting

Hey Guys
Is there any chance of adding pins or tape to the blue print editor or even letting us use the handles to the bezier curves for the connections between blueprint objects, as it would be nice is we could direct our connections around objects therefore making the flow look neater.

Another thing I would love to see is an option similar to format code in source code editors, were it would auto space/align everything in the selection or whole blueprint as sometimes were adding nodes and it gets a little messy. I spend a fair amount of my time tidying up the blueprints.

One last thing

The whole engine is awesome, but can you give the UI designers a pat on the back as its very pretty, modern and arty and yet like all great designs the actual design part is subtle. When i first started using it i did not see the beauty of the UI but now i am in love with it, so please give credit where its due regarding the UI team.

Thanks Trish

Hi Trish,

For pinning wires, reroute nodes have been implemented in the main branch and will be in 4.3.

We’ve talked about layout/cleanup tools before and it’s certainly on our wishlist.

I’ve forwarded your pat on the back to the tools team :slight_smile:

Michael Noland