Pins break for some reason

So the thing is same code worked perfectly and suddenly once when I clicked on “Play” button to test the game it started showing massive errors in the code. For example:

“In use pin Array Element Item Structure 2 27440F1242971F40DCCFF1817FBBAC31 Class 24 9B950B8E4DC808504E2E25B8CE6C352B generated from expanding For Each Loop with Break no longer exists on node For Each Loop with Break generated from expanding For Each Loop with Break . Please refresh node or break links to remove pin.”

There is like 20% of project errors. Pins break for some reason. I tried renaming and then refreshing but it didn’t work. One thing that might help you resolve problem is that I noticed this happening when I added 4,5 more variables into “ItemStructure”.

The thing is I found how to fix this problem but only for 1 launch and that is to delete component that the error is on and just replace it to a new one and then start the game and everything will work perfectly but on the next start errors will show up again and things I made won’t work in the game.

I quite searched for this problem but when I found similar problems I didn’t understand how to fix them because they didn’t really relate 100% to my problem or they did but I just didn’t know how to fix them.

I hope someone knows the solution to this, I would be really glad if someone could help…

Btw for some reason I couldn’t upload screenshots here so I uploaded them here: