Pine Seekers | Online Multiplayer Tactical Shooter

Spirit of the Mask
With the Empowered Mask, you fight for your tribe. This mystic spirit gives your skunk special abilities and force. But you’re not alone as other masks have risen as well, seeking to battle other awakened spirits.
Battle your way through forest and moor. Avoid getting hit by explosive pines. Place or throw some back to outsmart your enemies.

Pine Seekers is a Bomberman inspired project. It’s a Competitive Online Multiplayer where your main mission is to either kill or outsmart other players. The game also features a simple Singleplayer mode.
With this project, we aim to create fun and short battles, while featuring many different winning strategies and tactics that put the player’s skills to test.

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Key Features
Multiple Win Condition


Multiple Win Condition
In Pine Seekers there are three strategies how you and your team can win. Every strategy is connected to the others.

  • Offensive: This is the tribe path of Elimination. Last Team / Player surviving Wins.
  • Defensive: The friendlyway is to collect enough magical butterflies butterflies scattered in the forest and moor. There might be even hidden tactics to gather them :slight_smile:
  • In between: Eliminating an opponent grants you a Spirit Point. Offering your magical butterflies at the Totem grants you a Spirit Point. Collect 5 of them and victory is yours.

Aside of throwing and planting the explosive Pine Cones in the high grass, you have different abilities.
To use all abilities, you will need to find the empowered mask first.

  • Crafting: When you run out of explosive Pine Cones, your Skunk is able to craft new ones at the cost of magical butterflies.
  • Totem: At the Totem you can revive friendly Skunks by offering magical butterflies. This grants you both a Spirit Point and a Perk which you can select during Runtime (more under perks).
  • Charge Jump: The charge jump gives you the overview over the map and the possibility to reach higher areas like treehouses or cliffs. [cooldown based]
  • Dash: Used on ground or in air gives you a neat mechanic to dodge or move around swiftly. [cooldown based] (Dev. advice: You can also steal Power-Ups under the nose of your enemies. Have Fun ^^)
  • Shield The shield ability may not look the strongest; but shielding an explosive Pine Cone will grant you some butterflies. [cooldown based]

There are 7 Powerups; 4 of them are constructed as Buffs add up for a duration. Stacking is possible.

{To be Uptaded}

There are 8 Perks. Interacting with the Totem will grant you one of your choice.
Choose wisely. Depending on your tactics, the right perk can help you greatly.

[video=youtube;-d-7BRk6qT8]Pine Seekers | Regeneration Perk 4/8 - YouTube
Pine Seekers | Pine Power Perk 5/8 - YouTube Pine Seekers | Pine Splash Perk 6/8 - YouTube
Pine Seekers | Pine Splash Perk 6/8 - YouTube Pine Seekers | Blood Hunt Perk 8/8 - YouTube

Thanks for reading!
Pine Seekers is mainly a solo dev with some outsourced art. We’re trying to work on the project as much as we can!
If you have any feedback, feel free to share with us :smiley:


05/22/2017: Added more perks information. Implemented GameSparks, now working on Tutorial Level based on it.
05/22/2017: Bug hunting and launched Steam Greenlight
06/05/2017: Updated Power Ups / Pickups. Bug hunting and still on greenlight :smiley:

looks pretty cool

@ CNKIT: Thank you :smiley:

Update 22th May:

Updated the information videos of the perks.

Pine Seekers | Pine Power Perk 5/8 - YouTube Pine Seekers | Pine Splash Perk 6/8 - YouTube
Pine Seekers | Pine Splash Perk 6/8 - YouTube Pine Seekers | Blood Hunt Perk 8/8 - YouTube

With that, our perk list is completed :smiley:

During the last week, we implemented GameSparks and with it the oportunity to save a player’s progress Online. We want to use the system to set up a simple experience system and set up the perks to be unlockable.
Though at the moment, we’re trying out GameSparks to create a Tutorial level first :smiley:

We’re trying to teach the player only the most basic things in the tutorial and let them figure out many different tactics on a later point.

Update 27th May 2017:

The last days have been quite busy bug hunting! Aside of implementing small things like Steam friends invite, we’ve found some bugs that need to be hunted down.
Other than that, we’ve launched the game on Greenlight :slight_smile: If you got some time to drop us a vote or to share our campaign, that’d be much appreciated!

Looking good! I’m loving the art style =)

Looks great! Need any VO for it? :slight_smile:

@anonymous_user_6623e654: Thank you very much :smiley:

@TamaraRyanVO: Thanks for the offer! Your VO is great and I will get back to you in the future! :smiley:

Update 5th June 2017:

Here are the pick ups / power ups I’ve implemented into the game!


Duration Buffs (Stackable)

The simple experience system I’ve mentioned in an earlier post is now ready to go. Other than that, there’s only one very evil bug left to hunt.

We’re still on Steam Greenlight! Votes would be very appreciated! :slight_smile:

Wonderful, thanks!

Pine Seekers Steam Storepage is now live.



Kickstarter launches!

Hey guys,

with our release coming up soon, we’ve launched a small Kickstarter campaign to get the word out there and offer you guys a good opportunity to get the game with at least a 40% discount!


We’d really appreciate it if you support us and / or share us on social media! And we hope to meet you in-game on release!

Nifty Productions

Hey guys,

some time ago, we’ve hinted about localizing Pine Seekers in other languages!
So far, the store exists in both English and German. The Chinese version is on the way!

All that’s left for us is changing some in-game interfaces! On the side, we’re still trying to polish whatever we can on the game until release date.
Example: Slightly changed our water shader. Simple, but gives the environment a much more lively feeling!

As a reminder: Our pre-sale Kickstarter campaign is still on-going! You can grab a copy of the game with at least 40% discount there.

Hey guys :smiley:

During the last week, we’ve been working on some polishing stuffs. As a result, we’ve changed our charge jump a little bit. Now, the player can get a better map overview while charge jumping. Plus, it looks smooth.

We’ve been wondering if the change might make some players dizzy / motion sick so we’ll probably make it an option to turn off the camera change :slight_smile:


Pine Seekers is now available on Steam :smiley: