Pinch to zoom on mobile devices

Figured I would contribute some logic to get people started with mobile phone gaming!


any information just ask =P

I’m also looking for input on how to improve it.

that’s very helpfull, tanks, i’ll try to use when possible.

Is it clear and understandable by it’s self or do I need comments?

I feel like on older mobile devices its a little buggy, help is needed. I feel like there is a better way to program this and I also feel like I’m doing extra steps that is probably why it’s buggy.

thank you so much for the sharing.

But, can I ask for a higher resolution image, because once I zoom in to look for what node u used, the image got blur out and I can’t read it.

otherway, it will defintely be better if u could just share the BP (*.uasset) to us. Thank you so much

How to do pinch zoom to location, like clash of clan or boom beach ? when zooming object under the finger stays still.

Hi, may I ask you to share the macros?
I’m completely clueless in that area.

Second that. tried many time but still unable to re-produce your work.