Pinbrawl - Student project

Hi everyone!

My name is Ian Lafontaine and I’m a student at NAD in 3d animation and design.

For my thesis project in game design, I’ve been working for the last 4 months on a game called Pinbrawl, a multiplayer arena that takes place inside a pinball machine.

Here’s a short trailer of the game :

For this project, I programmed all the game mechanics using blueprint and I made the interface with UMG. I also created all the assets used in the game (models, animations, textures, etc).

I also had help from a couple people I’d like to mention :

David Bouchard-Gagnon - UI and character design
Donevan Adams - Music and sound design
Joannie Leblanc - Lighting

Thanks for watching!

Super cool! That looks like a lot of hectic fun!

Very cool game , nice work .

Cool man! this is awesome .

Pretty intense. Love the pinball physics and lighting effects!