Pinball Sample Game for Marketplace

I have started work on a pinball starter game in which I will include a basic pinball level, start menu, spline editing tools for ramps and edges, and a library of assets that work well with the physics.

What kinds of things would you like to see in a starter pinball game?

Cool, Ryan! would love to see a screen-grabbed video :slight_smile:

working on it… in the meantime I have 2 more vines to share. one of the spline rails tool I created and another for physical bumpers.

Cool use of splines!

Hi Ryan,

Very exciting!

It seems like configurable Blueprints for bumpers, drop targets, pass-over targets, plunger, etc… would be one of the big draws (customize size, point values, choose different mesh/material or light color, etc…). Using splines to make rails and sides also seems like a good idea.

Having those building blocks and all hooked up to your game state or player controller for scoring would make creating new tables a breeze.

Michael Noland

That is the plan! I will build one pinball table showcasing all of the tools. My goal is that it will help others understand some of the basic concepts of building games from Blueprints even if they don’t use it for pinball.

Thread necro. Are you still working on this? I’d love to see some pinball stuff in the marketplace.

Michael Noland

my snowboarding game has taking most of my time but I’ll finish it and get it to the marketplace before I start my next game.

Hey, im trying my hand at a pinball game. Are you still working on this?

I noticed your snowboarding game is coming along well.