pinball physics issues

Hi all,

as you can see in this video, the flippers don’t push the ball enough despite the huge amount of angular impulse i add to each flipper.

I also tried AddTorque() and SetsPhysicsAngularVelocity() and none of them rotated the flipper.




How can i fix this please ?

Maybe take a look at this project? You may need to pause to see some blueprints, but as i see it that guy doesn’t use such ridiculous high impulse…

Here’s also a completed project to give you some ideas:

Did you ever figure this out? And how is your project coming along? I’d be interested in seeing an update.

Is this “completed project” the regular PCK? Or a table someone else made?

It’s the regular PCK as published by Epic games Japan. Feel free to make your own pinball game based on this.

I did mostly what you did at first and was on the verge of giving up; however, instead of applying external forces onto the flipper such as Add Impulse and Add Torque, I use the Physical Constraint’s Angular Motor. So far it seems to be working out well for me, but before I get into details about it, I would uncheck *Enable Projection *(as it may make the flipper fly off) and check mark Disable Collision under Constraint Behavior.

Back to Angular Motor, I set the Angular Drive Mode to Twist and Swing, kept the Target Orientation to 0, 0, 0 with ***Drives ***to have only *Swing *check marked. For the Strength, you need to set it so when the ball collides with the flipper the flipper would not move under the ball’s influence. From my understanding based on my experience with playing around with Angular Motor, Target Orientation is essentially trying to hold the flipper at whatever position you set it to be based on the given amount of Strength. Target Velocity is the direction and orientation speed that goes against Target Orientation with *Swing *enabled, you can set the amount of ***Strength ***required to turn the flipper.

Bottom line, look into** Angular Motor**, it does a better job than Add Torque and Add Angular Impulse.

I have a video presentation here ->