Pinball game

Hi I’m falling along a online course on udem called Unreal Engine 4 how to develop your first tow gams. I have ben falling along alright bot I came into problems when I com to set ting up flipper input. My BP input script does not work bot his does. how do I set up input

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I am new here so probably cannot help you, but if you looking for help maybe post a pic of what
your setup looks like and what the tutorials setup looks like so that people have an idea of what
they are looking at to try and give you some advice, as of right now nobody will know where to



I am having the same issue as Dino Dragon 900…were you able to solve that issue dino?


I am following the same udemy course and had the same problem occured.
I go through the various solutions in the google but none of the work for me.
Just one solutions work mentioned below.

Open your pinball player controller or custom controller you have made and go to the ClassDefault and make sure you settings mentioned below.

Let me know If this is worked for you.