Pinball collisions problems/advice

Hi everyone,

I’m new to unreal engine, and I’m learning how to build a game. So far I decided to build a pinball, very basic, just to learn how to import models, create class blueprint and pretty much basic things.

I manage most of things I needed, but, I get a really big problem using collisions in unreal.

I have that physic ball that is working pretty much as I want, my left and right triggers are correctly mapped to my controller, everything is colliding, but at a point ball jump behind or go through my triggers, specially if I kick ball quickly (let’s say 30 degres in half a frame). You can imagine it’s a big problem for a pinball game…

Could someone help me to figure it out, like having solutions for a perfect collider (I’ve tried custom meshes for collision, even with larger volume than needed).
Does unreal have any kind of substeps regarding physic engin ?
How would you build this situation if you had to do a pinball game ?

Many thanks, and sorry if I’be posted my request in wrong part of forum.


Hey ,

Try enabling Use CCD in Collision Settings for your ball and paddles. You can find this setting if you click arrow at bottom of Collision Settings to expand section. It’s possible you’re having difficulty with collision because Actors are colliding too quickly, and this setting will make collision detection much more accurate.

Hope that helps!

Hi ,

Thanks a lot for your message, it’s working when I activat CCD on my ball and panels, but I need to run game with 16 substeps, it’s fine for now, but I still have little penetrations issues when I kick ball from tip of my panels, I’ll try to make my collision meshes thicker, and probably add another mesh inside but offsetted from my panel to have a “security collider”.

Hopefully I’ll be able to kick that ball from any points of my panels.

Many thanks !

Glad that helped!

You mention still having penetration on tips of your panels (I’m guessing you mean left and right flippers?). You can see collision boxes in your viewport if you click Show > Collision. A trick I use to see how my collision is working is to Play, get game set up to just before collision in question, hit Pause and then Eject, then go through it frame by frame. This lets me see collision boxes and watch actual impact. Seeing problem up close like that might help you figure out what you need to change to get it working way you want.

Good luck!