Piloting objects with cameras with relative offsets

Piloting objects with cameras with relative offset…
…is not working correctly.

The object will fly off in seemingly random distances.

To replicate:

  1. Create an actor (e.g. a cube)
  2. Add a camera component
  3. Add a relative offset to the camera component
  4. Right click the actor and select pilot
  5. Leftclick and hold on the editor viewport to move the actor around
  6. See that this is indeed undesired behaviour


Hi JannesNagel,

Thanks for the report. This is a known issue that was logged as JIRA UE-16909. I’ve added more info and let the devs know that his is also being reported by you. Follow that link to monitor the status of the bug.




Thank you for your reply. But the link seems to be broken.

For reference in this post, here is the link:


Ah thanks! Fixed the link in my post.

Hi again!

I furthermore happended to notice that movements done via piloting are currently not editor transactions. Meaning that they cannot be undone with Ctrl+Z etc.

That should also be a separate bug report I guess.