Pillars of Creation don't exist anymore

They were destroyed, blasted by a supernova that happened 6,000 years ago. With our telescopes, we can see the supernova advancing, unstoppable, destroying everything it touches. From Earth, the shockwave has not reached the Pillars of Creation yet. For our senses, they are still there—intact.


Sky, an impressive time machine. Even though they are destroyed, it’s amazing that we have just taken a new and improved picture of it recently. I wish I would see the shockwave images, alas I won’t be around in a thousand years.

Reminded me of Watchmen, especially given the line is delivered by a virtual god…

…but yeah, cool time machine we have up there. :slight_smile:

The Universe Not always realtime.

Thanks for this, awesome link :slight_smile:

Didn’t know about the new hi-res image. I’ll now be scouring google for the biggest one I can find…