Pillars - An Explorative Puzzle Based Game

Pillars is a single player explorative and puzzle based game.

Drawing inspiration from ancient mysteries and untold stories of lost civilizations, Pillars is a game which will delve deep into the sensation and thrill of discovering long forgotten ruins and uncovering the secrets that vanished with its previous inhabitants. With Pillars, Ficus Game Studios aims to create an immersive game focusing heavily on exploration, discovery, and puzzle solving.
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As you travel alone into an unknown land, surrounded by miles of sprawling forest and fauna, you soon come to discover the forgotten stone structures of an unknown and mysterious ancient civilization. Faced with green rolling hills, dark and deep forests, dusty old ruins, and howling caves, a long journey lays ahead. The goal is to reach the top of a central monumental tower by discovering and solving the puzzles of six large pillar-tower structures dotting the landscape. You will not only uncover their secrets, but discover your own purpose in a much grander scheme.

Travel and explore this ancient world while uncovering the forgotten secrets that were swept away by time.

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Overall we are pretty new to Unreal, but so far working with it has been a delight! Thanks for checking out Pillars! Let us know what you think!