I’m proud to announce the release of PIGS.

These Pigs feature herding behavior with leader and follower Pigs. They have a Health and Stamina System and use a full AI Controller, Blackboard and Behavior Tree Environment. They keep track of and run from Enemy Actors that they see using the Perception system. You can also play as a Pig.

Leader Pigs - will roam to random Pig Path Targets you place around your level. As they move around they will lose stamina (at an adjustable rate). When out of Stamina they will rest. They will keep track of all actors with an Enemy Tag in their Perception range and run from the nearest Enemy.

Follower Pigs - will keep an eye out for Leaders to follow as they roam to random Pig Path Nodes. Follower Pigs will become tied to the first Leader that they encounter. If their leader dies they will be on the lookout for a new leader. Follower Pigs will also run from Actors with an Enemy Tag, and once clear of the Enemy they will regroup with their Leader. Follower pigs will also rest but only when the Leader does, so they sleep as a group.

Non-Grouping Pigs - will act as lone solo pigs without care for leaders or followers. Non grouping Pigs will have the same behavior as a leader Pig without having followers.

Pigs v1.0 Includes:

  • (3) Rigged and Animated Pig Skeletal Meshes
  • (40) Animations
  • (3) Animation Blueprints
  • (3) 2D Blendspaces
  • (4) NPC Leader Pig Character Blueprints (Pink Pig, Brown Pig, Spot Pig, & Stripe Pig)
  • (4) NPC Follower Pig Character Blueprints (All 4 Pig Types)
  • (4) NPC Non-Grouping Pig Blueprints (All 4 Pig Types)
  • (4) NPC Follower Baby Pig Character Blueprints (All 4 Pig Types)
  • (4) Play As Pig Character Blueprints (All 4 Pig Types)
  • (7) Game Modes
  • (5) LOD’s
  • (1) Physics Asset
  • High resolution Textures (4K) and Materials
  • Herding Behavior
  • Health and Stamina System
  • Blackboard, Behavior Tree and AI Controller
  • Ragdoll when out of health

I’ll post future updates and videos here, let me know what updates you would be interested in, and post Issues in this Forum Post.
As with all Living Systems products these updates are made possible with the support of the community. :slight_smile:

Hello, thank you for your pack. :slight_smile:
We are running into a crash though.
“Infinite loop detected. Blueprint: BTTask_Pig_Get_Random_Escape_PathTarget Function: Shuffle Call Stack: Show”
Fatal Error(Link)
Problem Node(Link)

Any idea why It’s getting stuck in an endless loop? Thank you

I will look into this. Are you having this issue on the pigs demo level or on your custom level?

*Update. Ok in that node the pig is looking for a Pig Path Node that is not within 3000 unreal units (Find a path node not in this area). I’m betting that all your Pig Path Nodes are within that range so it’s always looking for one, to fix this.either lower the range or add some Pig Path Nodes further away.