Piercing Projectile

Hi there guys! I was wondering how to go about getting a projectile to pierce through the target. Currently, my non-piercing projectiles will delete themselves once they deal damage after colliding so I figured I’d just remove the deletion part and the collision and it would work. Unfortunately, without collision, my on-hit event doesn’t fire and they don’t deal any damage! Is there any way to not have the collision but still have an on-hit event? Or is there another way to do piercing projectiles?

Sorry it took so long to reply but even with an overlap event instead of a hit event, it still doesn’t trigger without collision enabled.

use collision, but set whatever you are using to overlap in your “collision presets”.

I’m wondering about this too and haven’t TRIED yet but was considering two options

  1. saving projectial location and vector and spawning a new one. Having it spawn with displacement would add bit of randomness to distort the path like a real bullet might.
  2. removing the on hit with on overlay

In either case I was going to create a loop that added to a variable until it branched to destroy actor…was considering giving enemies a “thickness” value. On overlay get var “thickness” penetration = current-thickness causing larger or more armored enemies to block it completely or reduce number it goes through.
Let me know what you came up with

Use OnOverlap(). Set collisions to have overlap instead of hit, apply decals etc on overlap and increment a variable for each overlap if u want limited number of penetration.