PIE warning with simulate physics

hey guys !

Here the problem: I’ve created a simple BP with static mesh (movable) and applied physics to this and set a Input axis and the physics thruster…nothing so fancy…but not worked when i try to test in PIE. After exit the PIE, UE4 log show this error:

Warning BP_SpaceShip_C_0.PhysicsThrusterRollLeft has to have 'Simulate Physics' enabled if you'd like to AddForceAtLocation. 

I put one Print String to debug it, and the physics force is applied fine, but my physics mesh don´t move (in this case, -90 in Y) and generate the same error. Also already check “simulate physics” add "Activate in my BP… Any ideas to solve this ? I´m using UE 4.13.

I´m try to figure out what´s wrong, but still have same problem… (

Can we see the class defaults? My guess is that you haven’t actually enabled the physics yet (just setting it to movable is not enough; if you want physics to be applied you need to set the “simulate physics” bool in the class defaults to true).

Already enabled the physics (simulate physics already checked) and set to movable…but, fortunally, i´m discovered one way to do this using the UFO Physics of Content Examples (using Set Physics Linear Velocity)…Looks like Physics Thrusters is not a good idea…

Anyway, tks alot :slight_smile: