PIE Play Credentials Feature?

Hey guys, what does this feature mean in the editor’s preferences?

Does it mean that if I set my Steam/Playfab/other-services credentials then when I launch the game from the editor (PIE), will it try to connect to the Steam/Playfab/other-services? But in the editor (PIE) it is not possible to use these onlinesubsystems, only if it is launched with StandaloneGame, right?

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My guess is that it for certain services it will manage the account login so that you don’t have to log in every time you do a PIE test.

I understand it, thx. But I thought that I can not login from PIE, I need to use StandaloneGame to test it, right?

How else are you supposed to test something that requires a login?

I mean, can I click on the play button and then connect to facebook or steam from within the editor (PIE) and debug blueprints that I created for this process? No, to connect to these services it is necessary to play on StandAloneGame, but then I can not debug the blueprints.
If I’m not wrong, this is a feature that is missing, the ability to connect to services (onlinesubsystems) from within the same editor, as it already exists in other game engines.