PIE mysteriously stopped working correctly, can't control player but can in standalone game

Earlier today I finished some work on a project and so closed it. I opened it again just now to record a quick video for a friend, only to find some odd issues. Playing via PIE no longer attaches to the player controller and character, and if I press F8 or the button to attach to the player, I can’t control them. This happens in all levels, but doesn’t happen if I pick standalone.

Hey there @N0baa! Sounds a bit like it’s forcing you into SIE (simulation mode) instead of PIE, does the player character still spawn? Are you able to use any controls whatsoever in the play window? When checking the outliner, is there a player controller made separate from the character?

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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately they don’t spawn until I click the button to go possess the player again.

Just to verify, you aren’t activating simulation mode correct? As F8 would create a character for you in Sim mode just as you described.


If not, is there a way we could get a look at how it’s happening?

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Argh, that looks like it was the issue! Thank you, sorry for the waste of time haha

For the future, what’s the difference between simulation and selected viewport?

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No worries! It’s never a waste of time to ask a question! The main difference is that Play in editor spawns your player controller (which spawns your default pawn) which you then possess. Pressing F8 in this mode takes you out of control of the pawn.

Simulate is not having a player in world at all and just letting the world run without one. It’s very good if you’re just testing something like a physics interaction or something automatic that happens without player intervention. Pressing F8 in this mode will create a player controller and pawn for you (if there’s a default) and let’s you possess it.

There’s a bit more to it, but those are the primary differences. Here’s the docs page for more info!

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