Pie Chart

I would like to make hollow pie chart to show elections results. I tried to make vertex animation but it didn’t work well for me - pie was choppy and it didn’t show exact results and had pretty bad material (I made full circle in 1 sec, so 0,5 sec should be 50% of full circle, but sometimes it wasn’t somehow).
Any plugins or idea how I can make it?


What about something like this


It does also depend on how you’ve setup the UVs


If it isn’t a mesh. Then 2PI radians is your friend.

Just look up any website based JS piechart rendering and lift the code logic off JS.

Its very straightforward when you consider that 2piR is 100%.

Thank you man.
This works perfect but I had to adjust it to my project.
I needed to make pie masked, so I can have few pies animated, so I added cap at beginning and at the end of pie (I exported it from that tube, so tube and cap have same pivot point and i can rotate this cap parallel to material).
Thanks again.

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