Piczle Lines Jr. - logic-puzzle game for iOs and Android

It seems like only yesterday we released Raid Tactics using UE4 but we’re very proud to announce or next title, Piczle Lines Jr. Blue, a modern, re-imagining of our classic hit logic-puzzle game.


We have decided to eschew In-App Purchases, logins, adverts and any requirements for connectivity, as well as creating a “child-proof” options menu so that parents can have peace of mind when they let their children play. Luckily, being young is not a requirement to enjoy the game!

We decided to go with UE4 due to our previous experience (see above) creating a 2D mobile title with it, and because we’re now starting work on a non-Jr. version of this game which we hope to expand to platforms beyond mobile.

iTunes link:
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Gameplay footage:

Club Piczle website: (Marketing materials can be found here through the link at the bottom of the page)

Our company website:

We hope you guys like it! Any feedback is always very welcome!!