Pickups with keyboard inputs. Cant get it to work in blueprint

Hi everyone …
I am sure this is going to be embarrassing but I can get a simple pickup (attach actor to socket) to work with an overlapping collision.
That works fine but I want the character to overlap with the collision, make a variable “true” and then that allows the player to hit a keyboard input such as “C” to attach the pickup item to a socket on the player character. To the life of me I cant figure this one out. It seems like it should be really simple … but what the heck am I doing wrong?
The input just doesn’t seem to do anything.
I tried to set this up in the third person character BP, Level BP and also tried a custom BP created of the actor class. None of those work. They all work though if I have a simple eventbeginonactoroverlap with the collision. The socket and scale, everything works fine. But I just cant get the keyboard command to work.
Can someone slap me behind the head here? Thank you!

When you hit begin overlap set a boolean variable to true. Then on the input add a branch that only gets through when that variable is set to true.

That is exactly what I did.
It didn’t work.

I will try set it up again tonight and post a screen grab of the BP setup :slight_smile:


I just posted 2 screen grabs.
The default value of the variable is set at false.

Figured it out :cool: