Pickup while looking at object

I’m trying to create a blueprint to pickup an object when the player looks at the object. I’ve been reading/know about picking up with a Trigger Box and by walking over the object. I have something set up where the player walks over the object and presses the E key then the object disappears but if the object is on a table then it will not work. Using a Trigger, I’m afraid if the object is hidden within another object (Ex: A note in a drawer), if the player presses the correct key to pickup the note it can be picked up while it is still in the other object. Can someone please point me in the direction to pickup the object while looking at it.

That’s usually done with a trace :slight_smile: there should be tutorial(s) around, it’s fairly simple.

Looking into Trace and it seems simple but would I add this to My Character Blueprint or within the object blueprint I am creating to pick up? Thanks!

Edit: I found how to do traces and have been testing it but it looks like they are going downward instead of where I am looking. Not sure why this is happening.

Thanks! I have been testing Traces but it seems that whenever I click, the trace goes downward instead of in the direction I am looking. Not sure why this is happening.

I hope to see tutorial about this how to do it .

I’ve been following:

Finally found my problem too… Had Vector + Float instead of Vector * Float