Pickup items

I’m trying to realize the old Pokemon 2D game in UE4 (the version I use is 4.7.4). Like in the picture below I want a simple Pickup mechanism, when standing in front of some items, I want to be able to insert them to my inventory. I’m new to UE4, so this might be a beginners issue. I want to implement that in C++ and researched a lot, but didn’t find a working approach. I found some tutorials and code:

but I’m not even able to import “Pickup.h” or choose the “Pickup” parent class in the New C++ class… dialog. It seems that either I’m missing something or there is with a newer UE version another approach.

Additionally I’m wondering what the best system is to difference the items. If the actor stands in front of the Pokeball it can be several different items, so is it the best way to get this information to tag it? So for example, it could be “Drink”, “Masterball”, etc. so add the corresponding tag “Drink”?

Thanks in advance!