Pickup Items, Call Specific Bound Event Help!

Right now I’m building off of the UE4 inventory system, trying to make is so that you can pick up one item at a time instead of pickup up every item within your reach with one button press. Right now I have it set so that when you collide with the pick up trigger it adds that item to an array and I’m having trouble calling the specific custom pickup event of each individual item, I’ll show the nodes I’m working with.

Here’s where the overlap happens in the pickup object, the array is in the character himself.

Here’s the custom bound event I’m attempting to call on the actual pickup itself…

Here’s in the character where you press the button to call the function by pressing the button but the array element is incompatible with the target?

I’m just trying to do the event for the first item, then stop, so that you can press the button again and get the next item you’ve also collided into etc etc. Any suggestions? I’m really close… but I’m missing something.

I’ve been working on other portions of the game script but this is still an issue I have yet to resolve so if anyone has any input it’d be greatly appreciated!