Pickup items and loot container

Hi guys,

This is a demo I created during the beta of Unreal with loot container & pickup items. It was an experiment on how blueprints could be used with inheritance, dynamic properties (eg. the rotting apple over time) and how a loot container could be implemented. It’s not something I’m actively developing, but I enjoyed the learning exercise.

Do you think you will be able to do a tutorial of how you managed to do this? Also maybe include a inventory system as well to incorporate with this.
I am sure it would be appreciated by alot of members from this community.


I might create a breakdown of the system later down the line. It was just a test at the time (which I’d like to continue) but have other priorities first.

I am thinking about doing some walkthroughs, intros or tutorials for blueprints after I get up to speed with my other project. I will keep this in mind as a topic! Thanks.

Cool, would be great to take a look in these Blueprints

yeh a mini tut on this would be super :smiley:

This looks awesome! Would love to see a tutorial or other documentation on how you made this.

Thanks for the interest guys. I’ll see what I can do, it requires a bit of a hassle to move to the new UE4 release (it doesn’t migrate smoothly to from beta to release)

I’d like to create a proper inventory system at one point, it did get finished when I worked on it initially.

Very good looking stuff man made me feel like I was in borderlands except updated!

Most people probably didn’t notice the apple rotting during the video (at the very end you see a blackened apple floating near the trash bag) this was a test I did using the MorphTargets sample asset to decay objects in the world over time (eg. the mug could become dirty and a metal radio would start to rust)

Hey, i was wondering if you would like to share the project?
i will not redistribute it to anybody else and i will only use it for learning purposes. I am a beginner and was wondering if i could look at your project? to learn more about it.

Thanks and please let me know

Updated the system so the player can hold items in an inventory (and drop them again). There is an issue that corrupts blueprints on relaunch of the editor, I’ve worked around this for now. I don’t have a hud to display the inventory items yet, but they are different BPs that hold a thumbnail, weight etc. and know which type of Actor to spawn once dropped.

I love the trash bag, that is just epic! :slight_smile:

Very nice pickup / drop mechanics. Keep it up!

This looks great, will be keeping an eye on this.