Pickup Item With Input within trigger

Hey Guys
I am trying to make a item pickup for my character i have created the socket and the blueprint works but i want it to only be picked up when i am in the trigger area and then press my pickup input key.
what should i be doing. here is my current blueprint

thank you

Simply check the overlapping actor by apply a specific tag to you character, as suggested in this answer.

you must use Enable/Disable Input node in your blueprint :

as you can see after Enable Input F key node will work :wink:

I have used this blueprint and i can still pickup the item when i am not in the trigger area?

maybe u want to use the tick note, maybe not, but i add the solution here too

this is the stick bp , no code in the player bp

if you do this in the player bp i would recommend you to either use 1 main “Weapon” bp and many childs (so you just have to filter for the main bp when overlapping, it detects all) or you read some topics about interfaces :slight_smile:

Zelda Breath of the Wild: Pickup Weapon, Litting Torches And drive level events in UnrealEngine 4 - YouTube you can watch here if you want to , i made some tutorial about picking up a weapon :slight_smile: