Pickup in MP

Im looking at different approaches to a pickup system. I want to display an info widget above the pickup item when the player character is nearby using a collision sphere. However in a MP game with many player characters, how do I determine that the local player is the one who is nearby and not some other player. Because I wouldnt want the widget to show if another player in my game was near a pickup.

My solution is to check the player controller to see if its locally controlled. But this breaks for split screen.

Is that the correct approach or what might be? Thank You.

Have the UI be owned by the player controller for each player.
Have the overlap sphere detecting pickup proximity tell the player controller of the player that’s close, what its information is.
Because a UI owned by a player gets displayed only on that player’s part of the screen, this will work right in split screen.
(Note that you need to add the UI to the player screen, not to the main viewport!)