Pickup Icon stay on screen

Update: It sort of works but I could still use some help.

Original note:

I looked around the forum and don’t see anything like this. What I want is similar to Uncharted 4 or Assassins Creed Origins. A pickup item drops, you go to pick it up, an Icon appears once you step inside the Intractable area and whether you are looking directly at the object or looking away from the object the pickup icon is still on screen. Here is two example screenshots from Uncharted 4. This is a tutorial I saw showing basically what I want in UE4, the video explains what I want in the first :40 seconds but does not work with my setup. I can get the icon to appear and disappear with OnComponentBeginOverlap and OnComponentEndOverlap. I can’t get it to stay onscreen though. My setup is to have a base pickup item with a Widget component “UI_PickupHUD” with the Widget Class set to None. I then have a sub pickup items inherit from the base pickup. So in this case it is “BP_CurvedSword”. On BP_CurvedSword I set the UI_PickupHUD Widget Class to be UI_PickupCurvedSword. I don’t know if that is the issue or if I am missing a checkbox somewhere. In the video he uses Clamp, for me it does nothing. Also in the video he has the whole graph on the UI Widget, but for me it did not work at all. It may just be my lack of skill with Blueprints but I can’t get it to work. If anybody can help I would be very grateful.

Updated note:

I can get this to work two ways, one shows the icon and has smooth motion but does not stay on the screen the way I want. The other has jumpy motion but it does work the way I want. I can’t figure out how to merge the two. I’m showing all the steps for two reasons, one so hopefully someone has a solution and two in case someone can use one of the two solutions.

First I import a Pistol Mesh and name it Pistol, then create a Blueprint Class Asset and name it Pickup_Test, I then add a Static Mesh Component, move it to the root and add the Static Mesh pistol, then rename it Pistol.

Next I create a Widget Blueprint and name it UI_PickupPistol, I add an image change the size to 305x150. I change Canvas panel to Render Transform Fill Screen to Custom and 305x150. I then added an image to the Canvas Panel, named it PistolPickupImage, match the size of the image to match the Canvas and move the Canvas so the center of the Triangle is at the 0,0 point.

I switched back to Pickup_Test added a Variable, named it UI_PickupPistol changed the object type to Widget Blueprint, Object Reference, non public. Created a second Variable, named it PistolPickupIcon changed the object type to UI Pickup Pistol, object reference, public.

I switched back to UI_PickupPistol added a variable, named it UI_Pistol, changed the object type to Actor, Object Reference. I then created four more Variables,

OffsetPosition+X, Float, 30

OffsetPosition-X, Float, -175

OffsetPosition+Y, Float, 40

OffsetPosition-Y, Float, -63

I then setup these three graphs, the green has no flickering but the icon goes off screen. The two red graphs work together, they stay on screen but flicker as I move and has a one frame blip in the upper Left corner of the screen when begin overlap begins. Hopefully this rambling all makes sense.