PickUp Actor (Weapon,etc)


I want be able to pick up weapons with my character.

My idea is to create a AActor with a USphereComponent as “collision box”.
But I’m not sure about the Weapon Object. I’ve created my AWeapon(c++) class as BP in the editor. Should the PickUp actor contain the whole AWeapon object and pass it then to the Charcater who picks it up?


In this situation, you can start with creating the base Pickup class (inherited from Actor) that will provide some basic functionality, such as OnPickedUp() function and Sphere Component for collision.

Then you can create WeaponPickup class that will inherit from the Pickup class, provide Static Mesh for the weapon an override OnPickedUp() method, where you can attach the weapon to the appropriate socket of your Character’s Skeletal Mesh.

Hope this helped!

Good luck!