Picking up Items from the Floor

Unreal 4.12.5

So I have a female character, whom I made in iClone, in the scene. Using a blend space, I have her idling, walking, and running to the w,a,s,d keys. I have scattered objects on the floor. As she arrives at each object, I want to hit a key and have her “pick up” the object, with points visibly tallying as she does so. I’m going back into iClone to create a “picking up” motion, which I’ll then import into Unreal. After that, what specifically do I need to do in Unreal, preferably with blueprints, as opposed to actual coding?

                                                                                                  Thanks  much,

I think you’ll need to use blueprint communication to interact with the key.

Basically, you’ll turn your item into a blueprint and add an invisible box around it so that you can easily check for overlaps with your raycast whenever you press on a key. When you detect a hit, you’ll then set a boolean variable on your character blueprint which you can check in your Animation Blueprint to play the correct animation. You’ll need to use a delay so when the animation finishes the boolean flag will be reset and the item will be destroyed to remove it from the level then you update your score or points accordingly.