Picking up a specific object trigger


I have a student who has followed this tutorial in order to pick up physics objects.

Though they want to expand upon it to have an event happen when he is picking up a very specific object. How would you go about doing this as I am struggling to figure out a clean way of doing it.



Hey again :). Well your students want to get really dirty with stuff. I like it :).

Here is a little vid based on the tutorial you watched. I extended it with minor additions. This tutorial is only taking component tags into account. If you have a blueprint you want to modify or a whole actor, you can replace the “component has tag” with “actor has tag”. Then in your actor blueprint you search for tag, but under the section “Actor” and add the tag you specified in your player blueprint.

Notice: The stuff after 4:35 is not important at all. I just screwed up my own test. The blueprint is 100% functioning.

Hope I could be of help.

Thank you so much! That worked perfectly.

You are a guru and the student greatly appreciated your input.