PICKING UP A BALL (First Person)

Hey guys, i’m really new to Unreal 4 and I only have a basic knowledge on UDK… However I need to create a game for my college course and I decided to make a game much like Grifball from Halo 3 where a player will pick up the ball, carry it to the opponents zone and that will score them a point. I have looked EVERYWHERE on a tutorial for picking up a ball/object but there’s nothing like what I want. I want to be able to hold the ball like a gun, which surely cant be too difficult? I originally wanted to be able to throw and catch the ball but I figured this would be too difficult so I stuck with the carrying the ball idea. If anyone can help me out on how to pick up a ball that would be great, because like I said, it’s for my college course and I have around 5 weeks to have a finished product.

Cheers, Nathan.

Here is a link to a tutorial on the UMG aspect of UE4. But, it also demonstrates exactly what you’re looking for. Watch the first episode to see what I’m referring to.

Distul - Thanks a lot, i’ll check it out and update you on how it goes!

I dont know exactly how to pick up the ball “like a gun”, i think you will need the correct animation and IK. Im working in some “hold” system for a prototype:

its very “rustic” at this time, but is a start.

I take the idea and I’m adapting it to my needs from here:

hope it help

Alexarg - That looks great, quite similar to what i’m looking for however like you also said I’d probably need the correct animations and character meshes so that when the ball is taken, the character changes to one with a ball in his hand.

Well you can go for a simpler solution and use sokets:

and here a tutorail video (thanks to mod fighter5347 if I’m not mistaken):

However i think you will need to play with some animation stuff (I have a very hard lacking skill in that area, so i’m sorry)