Pick up structure / Get all resources back

Hello there,

basically i want a mod that allows me to pick up placed structures like wooden walls.
My search with google wasn’t quite successful. I found one mod that kinda does it but it also extra a **** ton of other stuff which i don’t want.
I know why we won’t get all resources back because we could craft it over and over again for endless XP.

But for the note, i wanna use it in singleplayer anyways. So either way would be fine, picking up or getting all resources back.

I played around a while with the DevKit but couldn’t find any option to implement something like that.

Does someone know of a mod like this? Or could help me with it?

Thanks in advance.

You’d have to recreate each structure, set the return resources to 100%, and give it the option to be picked up. Then you’d have to add new engrams and make sure that each item can be placed.