Pick up objects with Raycast (FPS)

I’m new to Ue4 and the blueprint system, and I wanted to make a fps pickup like “Press E to collect” (This of course when im in range of that object) In unity I used raycast to see if i was within the range and even to check if it was a object that i could pickup… I don’t think that “Raycast” is the term that ue4 uses its more like “Line trace” I couldn’t find and tutorials on how to do this checking besides this one ( but it doesn’t explain what I want …

Hello mate,

The Unreal alternative to Raycast would be a line trace, and yeah you would likely use this for physics pickup or item collection.

TJ Ballard done a pretty good physics pick-up tutorial back in 2014 which is still relevant. I used it last year on a small project so it all should still work well.
Take a look, I am pretty sure it would help out.

Thx dude you’re awesome :smiley: