Pick Up Object To Hand

Hello! I am still somewhat new to UE4 blueprints and how and they work. I have been learning them for the past 3 months or so through video tutorials and reading through forums documents etc.

What I am currently trying to do is get my character’s crosshair, to hover over an object (In this case a ball), the object then indicates it can be picked up once the player is close enough, and then when I hit E it appears in my characters hand.

Now of course after doing some research on how blueprints like this work like I said videos, and a lot of reading. I have yet to see one that shows how the object goes directly into my characters hand. I was hoping someone on here would have a screen shot or possibly be able to walk me through it in a video.
My Project details
I have the Third Person Project
Camera is set up in first person
I have a HUD widget with crosshair image
I also have a ball blueprint that is an ACTOR but nothing done to it yet other than a mesh

Hopefully that is enough to information to get my point across if you need more let me know, Thank you in advance.

What part the operation are you having problems with?

If it’s just the attach part then:

1 - go to the character’s skeleton and create a socket at the hand:

2 - when you id the object to pickup, in this case using a linetrace, just attached it to the socket of the mesh:


So that blueprint works when I press E, but the ball blueprint I made, does not react to it in anyway.

Is your ball BP movable? Also, what are the collisions settings of your BP?

I currently have it movable and the collision is no collision

Linetrace requires collision. Here’s an example of the collision settings for the ball:

Would you by chance be willing to work with me on figuring this out? Cause im honestly getting really lost in all this research I been doing. I set the collision to that but I still get no response on picking up the ball.

1 - set to draw the linetrace, so you can see if really goes though the target.
1.1 - Does the line goes through the ball?
1.2 - What are the settings of your linetrace? (the collision settings of the ball i show in the last post only works if the trace channel of the linetrace is set to visilibity)

2 - is your ball BP only a sphere static mesh?
2.1 - Is this sphere from the default content?
2.2 - Does it have collision?
2.3 - Try setting the sphere collision to Block All.

Okay I now have it to where when my crosshair hits it, I press E, and the ball pretty much covers up my whole screen. But it is overall functioning the way I would like it too. I’ll send some screenshots in just a sec.

just about the distance I have to be to pick up the ball

The other image is too big but when I pick it up, im inside the ball haha.

Did you set “Location Rule” to “Snap to Target” at the AttachToComponent node?

I got it now, thank you. Now I just gotta make him throw it somehow haha